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29 Nov, 2008

Simple > Complex > Simple

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Information Architecture design is about making the about making the complex appear simple. This from Steve Jobs in 1984: When you start looking at a problem and it seems really simple, you don’t really understand the complexity of the problem. Then you get into the problem, and you see that it’s really complicated, and you […]

You can measure engagement. More importantly, engagement can be optimized. The case study shows how we used multivariate and targeted content delivery to optimize engagement. The final outcome of the page optimization was to drive an incremental revenue gain of 55% to a key user segement. The Audible.com Case Study

A lot the material about social networks is familiar from Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point”. While Malcolm looks at the sociological aspects, I didn’t fully realise the mathematical systems underlying social networks ie. Scale-free networks Concepts like Dunbar’s number (the number of people we can maintain a first name relationship with) are also grouped under the […]


Customers not clicks ™

Our philosophy: The buck does not stop when a visitor is delivered to your website. What matters, is what happens next. Your website visitors must be engaged and persuaded to take action so that your Search Engine Marketing can deliver actual customers. And that's what we help you achieve: Customers not clicks ™

I work with clients who understand that successful online marketing work best when they put an appropriate value on the leads or sales that it can deliver for their business. If that's you, and you are looking for real results from your web strategy lets talk.

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